How do I work?

You can rely on me and I do the work to the highest quality. In order for this to be the case in the long term, I follow several principles:
  • I work during the week, I have weekends reserved for rest.
  • I will happily answer your emails Monday to Thursday between 8 am and 4 pm. On Fridays, I educate myself to offer you the best know-how.
  • We communicate via emails and scheduled online calls.


If you need one-time advice, go through ads or find an error in the settings, the consultation is the right service for you.
Find out where the mistake snuck in. Get advice on how to set up your accounts correctly, and go through your current advertising or content together with me. Let's consult which social media to choose and how to work with them so that it makes sense for your company. Have questions about advertising or social media? Consultation is the best option to solve this. 1 consultation lasts 50 minutes.

Consultations take place online as standard.

How much will it cost?

CZK 3,600 / consultation
€ 150 / consultation
If you are interested in a personal consultation in Prague, then the price of such a consultation is CZK 4,600 (€ 192).
I am interested in a consultation
kateřina merleová co dělám konzultace sociální sítě
kateřina merleová co dělám tvorba a správa sociálních sítí a reklam

Complete ad management

Make sure your ad is showing to the right people at the right time.
When managing ads, I always focus on their effectiveness. Not only do I create and run the ad, but I also check how it's doing. Based on the data I evaluate, I then make adjustments to make the ad work even better.

Cooperation always begins with a joint initial call, where we tell each other exactly what you need. We will suggest individual activities that I can help you with. We set short-term goals and get to work. I schedule the work every month based on the agreed number of hours. You will always receive an evaluation from me within a week after the end of the month, in which I summarize what we focused on that month, how we did well and what awaits us next.
What do I need from you?
Communication and activity. It is important to write that I can bring good results only when we communicate with each other. Without your cooperation, my work is always only half done. And how to imagine it? I have information from you in advance about your upcoming news, events or changes. Then we can prepare for them together. Which will help us avoid your and my stress and give room for more creativity.
How do I work?
In mutual cooperation, you can always rely on me, I keep what I promise. However, in order to be able to perform my work at the highest quality in the long term, I maintain a work-life balance. This means I work during the week and answer emails Monday through Thursday. Then I dedicate Fridays to education. And I have weekends reserved for rest. I communicate with you via e-mail and scheduled online calls.

How much will it cost?

from 12,600 CZK / month
from 526 € / month
During the initial call, we will agree on how many hours I can devote to you per month. The minimum is 7 hours per month with the rate CZK 1 800 per hour (€ 75).
I want ad management


Complete ad management

Which markets are you running ads for?

I most often work with advertising for the Czech and Slovak markets, but at the moment I also have experience with the Swiss, German, Austrian, British and Irish markets.

How much is a good start to invest in advertising?

Among colleagues, I have already heard the opinion that at least 50,000 CZK per month. I agree that in such a case it is possible to test individual audiences and creatives more quickly and you can probably get the profit from advertisements more quickly (but it is not dogmatic, sales do not depend only on good advertising, primarily on the quality of products, website structure, etc.). However, when you don't have huge turnovers, you can hardly invest such money in 1 advertising channel. And I think that it is good to start with advertising in the first place. The minimum I would recommend to start with if you really cannot invest more money is CZK 5,000 per month. This means CZK 170 per day for 30 days.

Do you also work for foreign clients?

Yes, of course. In addition to Czech, cooperation can also take place in English and German.

Before we start working together, do you guarantee me future results?

No, unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. And if someone tells you the opposite, then I would start to be wary. We will certainly outline a course of action together and come up with short- and medium-term goals. However, until I start working with you and find out in-depth how your business works and how customers react to your products/services, I will not make any promises. It is important to remember that advertising will help get good products to the right people, but if something is wrong in the business and customers for some reason do not buy the products/services, even the best advertising will not save it. Maybe in the short term, in the long term, I dare to doubt it.
But I can promise you that I will carry out my work for you as conscientiously as possible, and if we do not manage to achieve the set goals, I will then investigate why this is so.
Advertising and indeed the entire business is also closely related to the current economic situation and other macro and micro economic factors that we are not always able to influence. Therefore, when sales are not going well, it is necessary to look not only at the performance of advertisements and products, but also at the current economic and political situation and, of course, last but not least, at the competition.


Why are consultations primarily online?

There are two reasons. The first reason is that you often give me access to your systems during consultations, for which online calls and screen sharing are better. Sitting and trying to get to one computer during a face-to-face meeting can be uncomfortable. The second reason is that working online allows me to not have to be in one place. And so I try to use it and often work from abroad.


Is it possible to combine multiple services?

Certainly yes, in that case, please send me a request form with your idea and we will tailor a service for you after mutual agreement.
It often happens, for example, that the client request a consultation, where we discuss what possibilities she/he has within social networks, and based on the results of the consultation, she/he then approaches me for long-term cooperation.
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