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Working with Katka went very well. I don't understand marketing myself at all, and Katka saved me in this regard. She set up everything needed for my first ad campaign. The campaign was successful, so we're keeping it running. Communication with Katka was pleasant, Katka is reliable and I can definitely recommend her.

Jana Laštovičková, atelier-zebra.eu - Reference jednorázová reklamní kampaň Facebook
Jana Laštovičková

Since we set ourselves the goal of improving our company's activity on Linkedin in 2023, I turned to Káťa with a request for mentoring. Together we went through the entire functionality of LinkedIn and she also advised us on what tricks to use to increase our awareness on this social network. In addition to the fact that cooperation with Káťa was beneficial for our functioning on Linkedin, our meetings took place in an enjoyable atmosphere and everything was always explained perfectly.

Katerina first set up the ads for me and then taught me how to set them up. She is a professional with an analytical approach who knows what she is doing and can evaluate her work based on numbers. Ads work like a bat out of hell. I wouldn't go anywhere else for advertising 🙂

I have been working with Katka for over a year and what I value most is that she is very relaxed and proactive. If you tend to prepare things last-minute like me, with Katka there's no risk of missing the deadline, because she always has an overview of all campaigns and their dates. I can highly recommend working with her.

Professional cooperation. Everything is always on time and as agreed. I recommend.

Tomáš Cirkl

Kateřina collaborated (primarily) on FB campaigns for our MBA program, which targets a very specific target group (private doctors). Kateřina prepared/set up the necessary "filters" for us and helped fine-tune the campaign's visuals and structure. The budget spent was returned to us with clear results (new students). And that's exactly what we wanted! 🙂

I appreciate working with Katka for her professional approach, quick communication and extensive knowledge in the field. I know I can rely on her and the social media ads are in the best hands. That way I can focus on the further improvement and development of Arthur. Whenever something needs to be resolved, she always responds promptly. It has also been shown more than once that if Katka recommends something to me, I will not step aside, as long as I follow the given recommendation. I can recommend cooperation in any case.

I approached Kateřina with a request to support our team as an online marketer with the aim of raising awareness of our company, clinical trials and supporting patient recruitment campaigns. Already in a very soon stage of the cooperation, Kateřina proved to be a real professional and an invaluable part of our team.

Her ability to deliver innovative and effective marketing strategies has always exceeded our expectations. Kateřina is constantly up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the field of online marketing. Her knowledge is the basis for our success. Her care and thoroughness in planning and executing campaigns are a prerequisite for good results.

Kateřina is also a great team player. Her communication skills, insight and positive attitude are invaluable and create a pleasant working atmosphere.

I work with Kateřina in the area of social media advertising management for my client, who runs a business in the field of gastronomy. The collaboration works flawlessly. Kateřina has a perfect overview of the technical side of things and news in the field, is very careful and reliable, can solve critical situations (e.g. when a profile is blocked) and has creative ideas for improvements in the area of content creation. She is patient and willing to repeatedly explain what is needed, and I really admire her approach to self-study. I can only recommend working with Kateřina.

I always took care of marketing in our company by myself, and even though I tried to educate myself constantly, I got to the point where I felt that external cooperation could help us and move us forward. When I started thinking about who to involve in our not-completely-stable company processes and who to entrust with the company's LinkedIn, Káťa was a clear choice. I already knew her as her teacher from university and she was always a reliable, thoughtful and creative person. I appreciate Káťa that constantly moves forward herself and passes on new knowledge and experience to her clients. Cooperation with her was utterly trouble-free and met our expectations - better targeting and reach of ads on social networks, primarily LinkedIn. I would like to wish you, Káťa, a lot of satisfied communicative clients and I look forward to meeting again professionally sometime.

I am delighted with the long-term cooperation with Kačka. She does an excellent job in performance campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook. At the same time, I like her proactivity. I recommend the offered services to everyone who wants quality, professional and well-set campaigns.

Tomáš Hovězák

Cooperation with Katka was very beneficial. I appreciate that she helped not only with the technical aspects of setting up campaigns on social networks, but also knows how to empathize with the "heart of the matter", in our case the cosmetics business. She does not lack creativity and is careful, kind, proactive and reliable. I believe that we will connect again in the future and build on our successful cooperation.

Cooperation with Káťa is a pleasant thing for me. Since then, running ads has become a simple fun process. In advertising texts, she knows how to express herself precisely and strikingly and thus conveys all the necessary information to the reader. The technical settings are perfect, and I, therefore, don't have to worry about whether everything is set correctly. I like her proactivity and initiative.

Irena Absolonová
Irena Absolonová

Katka occasionally prepared and managed the promotion of my posts on Facebook. She always responded quickly, and if something needed to be resolved, she sent clear instructions according to which I set things up easily and everything was professional. I definitely recommend her to everyone who doesn't have the time and skills to advertise on FB themselves.

Kateřina can do everything I need as an entrepreneur. She is perfectly versed in the technicalities associated with campaigns on social media and has strategic thinking and creative cells. In addition, she is completely reliable and very nice. What more could you wish for?

Káťa gave our project precisely what it was missing. She likes to take on challenges, which are not a few in the NGO field, and she goes after the set goal without compromise. We are very proud that Káťa is part of our big "family" of project To Austria for the experience.

Kateřina was at the founding of the Public Relation department at Quanti. She helped us create the processes that were necessary for it to function. At the same time, she actively participated in the rebranding of the company. Internal communication was definitely one of the biggest challenges when it was necessary to clearly explain to employees the reasons and need for PR in the company and related changes. Furthermore, Kateřina helped us with graphics, printed materials, preparation for career fairs, organized internal events, managed our social media and ensured social media content on the company website, where she also participated in the layout of individual sections. We are very happy that we had the opportunity to establish two-year cooperation and we can certainly recommend her for her qualities and skills.

I really enjoyed working with Kate. She can read well what needs to be done, she is creative, and comes up with her ideas. I like her independence and responsibility. There is no need to hold frequent meetings, brainstorm and solve the control because she knows how to maintain self-discipline and the team and I have always reached the desired end. I learned a lot alongside her and if there is an opportunity, I will be happy to work with her again next time.

foto Karolina Šolcová
Karolina Šolcová

Kateřina has a great intuition to perceive what a specific client needs for his work on social media. She can advise technically, but also empathically so that the client's social media message is in balance with both giving and receiving.

Kateřina and I have been working together for a year and a half on managing and especially promoting messages and profiles on social media. I appreciate Kateřina's reliability the most. One might say it's a standard feature, but putting a thing in someone's hand and being able to forget about it is unfortunately not common today. But Katkeřina also has further properties that I perceive as added value. She rarely just takes the assignment as it is. She mostly asks additional questions and tries to improve the final effect, even if she doesn't necessarily have to. I really appreciate this pro-client approach. Sometimes she helps us in a purely consulting capacity, she has creative thinking and interesting points of view. So I can only recommend working with Katka.

Kateřina is my blood type. Social media are her passion as they are mine and she always thinks comprehensively about advertising. So that it pays off for you. You know it: More heads know more. That's why I'm glad for Kateřina's ideas on how to perfect your ads.

Katie is a lovely person to discuss campaigns with. She takes the creatives to the final stage and sets up the campaigns technically correct. She also has insight into other technical disciplines of online marketing, which pays off in reports and recommendations to increase performance.

Kateřina helped me prepare and launch a FB advertising campaign. I was very positively surprised by her proactive approach and knowledge. She not only prepared the scheme of the advertising campaign but also helped with the texts. Together we created and fine-tuned the creative for the advertisements. Throughout the campaign, she kept track of various statistics and was in contact with me. I also appreciate her checking the settings on my FB business page and helping to deploy Google Analytics. Kateřina was very accommodating and professional. I highly recommend her services.

foto Olina Puchalová
Olina Puchalová

Working with Kateřina is really great both on a professional and personal level. She has been helping me since the beginning of building my brand with social media ads and her expertise and knowledge are one of the reasons Luna Baby is moving forward at such speed. I can definitely honestly recommend her.

I have been working with Kateřina for more than a year and I am very satisfied. She handles all the technicalities with ease. I also appreciate how she thinks about FB promotion and comes up with new ideas.

Magdalena Čevelová
Madla Čevelová

Kateřina worked on our social media for more than a year. We were extremely satisfied with her work and we were surprised by what we achieved with our social networks during that year. Katka offered us a complete strategy across all channels and managed to greatly increase our fan base and followers on our social media. At the same time, she was always responsive and responded to current events with her contributions. We can definitely recommend Kateřina for cooperation. We also appreciate that the entire cooperation took place in a friendly and professional atmosphere.

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