If you need one-time advice, go through ads or find an error in the settings, the consultation is the right service for you.
Find out where the mistake snuck in. Get advice on how to set up your accounts correctly, and go through your current advertising or content together with me. Let's consult which social media to choose and how to work with them so that it makes sense for your company. Have questions about advertising or social media? Consultation is the best option to solve this. 1 consultation lasts 50 minutes.

Consultations take place online as standard.
kateřina merleová co dělám konzultace sociální sítě
How much will it cost?
CZK 3,600 / consultation
€ 150 / consultation
If you are interested in a personal consultation in Prague, then the price of such a consultation is CZK 4,600 (€ 192).
I am interested in a consultation

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